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Eligibility Criteria

People need to be present to have their income tax returns completed.  For example, in the case of couples, both partners need to be present, and in the case of any children who are earning an income, those children need to be present.

Each clinic has specific eligibility criteria based upon income level and place of residence. Please review the clinic description carefully.

Volunteers cannot help with income tax returns IF YOU:

  • Are filing a pre/post bankruptcy return
  • Are filing a deceased return
  • Are self-employed
  • Have employment expenses
  • Have income sources that include capital gains, farming income, commission income, investment income over $1,000, professional/business income, or rental income
  • Other complex tax returns

The volunteers trained by Canada Revenue Agency follow these guidelines:

  • Single Person with income below $35,000
  • Two person household (single parent or married/common-law couple) with income below $45,000
  • Add $2,500 to threshold for each additional dependent
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